A Tower of Petite-ness

Dense inpenetrable purple–not ruby, not garnet, PURPLE–with ruby-pink edges.  Initial funk blows off nicely, leaving dark alcoholic fruit, carborundum metal-cutting blades, tobacco smoke, fresh fish-counter and spice.

I used to be the biggest Petite Sirah fan on the planet.  Maybe it was just the obscurity.  Maybe it was just the subjectiveness of the variety.  Kinda like the plethora of sins committed under the label of ‘Old Vines’.  Or ‘Stainless Steel’.  I even belong to the I LOVE PS facebook group.  Sometime in the mid-90’s I somewhat fell out of love with this grape, as fruit-forwardness and obesity took hold.  I still try one now and then, but there are currently NONE–other than a couple experiments–in my cellar.  I tasted a current vintage of this one at SAVOR and was really impressed and decided to search some out for home-analysis.  This one does not reflect ANY of the reasons I  fell out of following religiously.

Chewy and dense, but not grainy.  Ample fruit caves away instantly to searing acids and tannin.  Just a WALL of structure lurking immediately behind the sweet currant berry.  An ample oak exudes from small glass-volumes.

This is still an infant and several of these might make it into the cellar.  They are that interesting.  Find it and drink it.  ALL of JLohr’s vineyard-specific offerings are nearly flawless.

2010 J. LOHR Petite Sirah ‘Tower Road’ Paso Robles California 14.9


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