We Don’t Need No Stinkin Labels

SHINER TIME!!!  Taking a bit of a night off, as drinking one of my own wines.  This is 2009 Merlot, San Luis Obispo County, Paso Robles, technically, and fruit from El Pomar Vineyard.  Deep deep clear garnet, not particularly staining, with slightly bricking edges (flaw).  Massive briar nose of cut weeds–no: shredded BUSHES–think: CalTrans shredding shrubbery along the freeway.  Oak shrubbery.  A bit of noob wet concrete, cellar floor and the chunk of sweet oak rises out. Medium-heavy sediment (flaw).  Spicy and acidic, not your grandmother’s Merlot at all.  Big ripe fruit blasts the entry, all dark cherry and blackberry–but with the seeds crushed between your teeth–pomegranate with pulp and seeds, definitely.  Acid curls in, replacing the classic Merlot thinnish fruit middle, but ample tannin round it out–and always with that sweet oak and briar.  Showing a bit too much polish for it’s young age–probably could have used 20 PPM or so more PMBS at bottling (another flaw).  A very Pomerol-ish merlot, and while the flaws are rife, I am somewhat proud of it, all the same.  Sharp and acidic, spicy and nuanced, earthy and tannic.  Made this on a dare during the Dark Days of Merlot post-Sideways and it was a lovely grape to play with and just might do it again,  This will drink wonderfully in two-to-10 years, like all my wines.  Oh, and you can’t buy it.  You just have to know the secret handshake.  13-5  ♦

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