Tourist Dretch for Supermarket-shoppers

Oh dear.  Where do we start. Purchased at tasting room in Cambria.  Clear ruby with ruby edges.  Stainless-steely metallic nose punctuated with oak and alcohol.  Roasted sausage, maybe…greasy Mild Italian with the requisite fennel background is about all the spice you are going to get out of this thing.  Fat and smoooooth.  So boring.  Nothing even mildly interesting about the bouquet.  Round, mouth-smoothing fruit of non-descript origin commands the entry and quickly fades away to nothingness but a little acid bite.

Not a terrible wine, and no serious flaws–just oh dear god WHY?  Make a statement or stay under the porch.  Possibly the most un-interesting wine I have opened in months.  Calling it boring would give technical lectures a bad name.  Reeks of a lab-created muss made by a Consulting Winemaker to fill a tasting room with product for the tourists.  Bland and uneventful.  Absolutely NOTHING going on in this wine.  Clean and round and So. Miserably. Mind-numbingly. Boring.  And not cheap!  That’s the thing!  You can buy GOOD wine for this price!  Interesting wine!  Wine with a flaw or two!  Something to talk about!

This wine tastes like everything at the supermarket on the bottom three shelves.  This could be a 12,000-case bulk buy.  I have had 8$ wines with far more going on than this thing.  Why why why would anybody drink this dretch.  The English language does not contain words for me to relay to you how insufferably un-interesting this bottle is.  Formulaic tourist bullshit.

2010 MOONSTONE CELLARS Merlot Paso Robles 14.9

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