Foremost Wine Company in SLO

Thin thin garnet, really the thinnest Neb I have seen in quite some time–like, Pinot-thin.  Completely closed-in at first and slowly opens up into a modicum of fruit and interest.  Some of the usual burnt-tire, tobacco nuances, but fading and I feel this bottle is really past its prime in pure enjoyment.  A totally enjoyable bottle at this exact moment–and does not clash with food, but some definite pruneyness coming through and just doesn’t hit on too many levels.  Tannin non-existent and acid way down on the scale.  Quite boring and lacking anything of merit.  Drink up right NOW because it will not blossom into anything greater.  ♦


Dark dark ruby and an explosive nose typical of a well-made but highly extracted cold-climate grenache.  Blind, I would probably guess Syrah in it’s myriad of dark cherry, road tar and smoke–although all of these things were considerably low-hued and nothing out of balance.  The earthiness and green-poivre are sublime.  An amazing bottle I only received a taste of and would love to fully-report at home with a meal.  ♦♦


This thing blew me away.  A tad closed in at first with strong metallic and minerality coming through but with ample air turned into a sweet briar, vanilla-explosion, cedar and graphite BOMB with ample mint, a touch of eucalyptus and Middle-Eastern spices.  It was introduced as “a Napa Cab” and as I tasted it I was thinking to myself, Hmmmm.  Observation of the label proved it SONOMA full-5 meritage and it hits on all of those levels.  I am guessing Mayacamas mountain just over the Sonoma line.  These are some of my favorite wines.  The quality can NOT be argued with and the price-point sweetens the deal.  Layers and layers of fruit from every possible origin and wonderful oak introduce the ample acid and positively chewy tannin–although polishing perfectly as it heads into the second-half of a decade in bottle. This would be something which would be VERY HARD to keep one’s hands off in the cellar.  An absolute STELLAR bottle.  14.5  and solid stuff. That’s CENYTH.

Nearly inpenetrable black ruby and an absolute EXPLOSION of classic PN fruit out of the nose.  Briary and green with a background of too-ripe fruit and sweet oak.  But it all works together with the balanced acids, velvety tannins and sophisticated barnyard.  A concentrated, jammy <–god I hate that word–vesrion of Pinot which smacks of riper offerings from Russian River Valley and perhaps even Belle Glos Clark/Telegraph or Riverbench Reserve.  A huge PN and if this is your style, find some of this.  Really a nice bottle.  Didn’t catch the AL but would guess somewhere approaching 14-5 or perhaps 7.  ♦♦

These are a few of my quick notes from the evening at Foremost Wine Company, San Luis Obispo’s newest restaurant.  Easily the most rounded, eclectic list in town to date.  EVERYTHING is represented and staff wine-friendly and knowledgeable.  All wines available on list and for sale in wine shop for retail pricing.  Check it out!

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