The Fruit-Flies LOVE it, because they’re smarter than me

Clear translucent garnet completely through–like 15 year-old tawny–with the expected bricking edges.  No hang-time on the nose, just explodes straight out of the bottle with no funky Grenache-ish-ness to blow off.  Dark, oily cherry preserves and exotic perfume on the neck of a warm woman.

This is my continuing love/hate relationship with Concilience:  I love the concentration and ripeness but then I see the alcohol and get scared.  Most of the vineyard-designate stuff is North of 15 and 16+ is not rare.  And you can see the high alcohol working against the wines–typically–but they still are so opulent I keep re-visiting.  This bottle is no exception.  The bouquet overwhelms with simple ripe fruit garnished with great spice and then…. you taste it.  It disappoints a bit there.

Thinnish and almost meager with fruit fading noticeably and crisp acids still vibrant and drying tannins taking over and completely drowning out what little fruit there is left.  Somewhat sad.  I had visions of last night’s Palmina when I tasted it, but this is a completely different version of “probably should have been drunk a year ago”.  The Palmina Neb was seriously faded and fruit-less, this is, honestly, still a serious contender.  An amazing bottle drinking at absolutely prime–OK, maybe *prime* was a year ago.  It doesn’t fall apart though… it’s just… I really wish the fruit would be a bit stronger on the mouth.  A very Syrah-ish Grenache.  Blind I would probably call it decade-old SY or maybe GSM but not pure Grenache.  It is just too ‘clean’ for grenache.  But the pruney-ness is clearly coming through which says this bottle does not have much time left on it.  Drink up!

2007 CONCILIENCE Grenache Rodney Shell Santa Barbara Co.  15.1

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