Clear thinnish ruby with–what’s this?–bricking edges?!?  Oh well, it IS 2010, so practically a cellar-archive.  And… in honour of National Merlot Day–wait, you didn’t know it was National Merlot Day?!?!?  Horrible thin cheap-fruit/too much PMBS/cloying/dreadful nose of what, I don’t know–just cheap wine–just bad wine people who have never had an actual good wine in their life drink.  Chemical-ly and weirdly smokey and reeking of Stainless Steel and nylon bags of oak-sawdust.  Tasting it really presents nothing much more than what the nose decried.  This blistering fruit-less liquid splashes on your tongue and flows down your throat in a way which makes you look around the room for the nearest OSHA-Approved eye-wash station.  The waiter asked if there was something wrong with it.  The problem is, there is nothing *technically* WRONG with this bottle.  Only the people who drink it.  Made by Ancient Peaks–which I actually AM a fan of–and considering all of the other Paso-plonk on the tourist-menu, which I had absolutely not the slightest interest in, I selected this custom-bottling to try. You CAN do worse… seriously.  I have it on good authority Peter Vella still makes wine.  Maybe even Corbett Canyon yon yon yon yon?  This stuff is so thin.  Just watered to a perfect 13-5 on the label.  ◊

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