A 15$ Cotie-Rotie on your Safeway shelf

Medium dark density, solid dark ruby with pink edges.  Huge funk I mean HUGE funk which takes some time to breathe off.  I was worried for a bit it would never.  It takes a LONG time.  My early review of this would indicate and severe Euro-funkiness–the most Euro funkiness I have ever experienced.  But it does blow off eventually into this very streamlined spicy roasted-meat steely-ness.  Not that the funk was a bad thing.  I quite enjoyed it.  And a fresh pour gives you more.  It’s just *New-World-Wonk* is gonna be all whoa/huh?!?!  But a half-hour in the glass just brings up the sweet oak, minerality, and Christmas-spices carmelized in a skillet.  Really thin in the mouth.  Barely any fruit.  What there is is so thin and forgettable and instantly cloaked with acid.  Is this starting to sound familiar?  Restaurant in France? Côte-Rôtie?  Côtes du Rhône?  Fairly extracted ones too.  Ya it’s that reminiscent.  Spot on.

Santa Barbara Winery was actually my first winery *discovery* upon moving to the Central Coast.  DISCOVERY, mind you.  I knew about Cambria and Byron and Kenneth Volk and Clairborne & Churchill and all that… Santa Barbara Winery was my first DISCOVERY–a totally new winery I had never heard of just popping up out of the blue (in downtown Santa Barbara haha) and going in and being wowwed.  I fell in love with the Pinot Noir and love it to this day.  Really classic stuff and have grown to appreciate the entire Pierre Lafond line–from clothing to restaurants–and to this day, Santa Barbara Winery Pinot Noir is a really good way to fill your 6-pack for that 40% off at Albertson’s.  But it had been years since the Syrah.

Funky and over-oaked at entry, terribly meager over middle with classic acids and medium tannin.  Just a textbook 10$ Rhone.  Except the nose.  The nose is more 50$ CdP.

2009 SANTA BARBARA WINERY Syrah Santa Ynez Valley  14.2


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