I like to think most of my audience is over 30

Extreme garnet.  But not as bricking as I expected.  Not stellar provenance, but an agreeable blend of calm, quiet, dark and moderate.  I had a Pinot a few days ago nearly the same colour.  Clear edges and basically no sediment.  After an hour of decanting, shows a definite spicy nose with an astonishing amount of ripe fruit and gamey-ness.  Dark and dusky–but no brett at all.  Clean–but fruitless–entry with still-ample acids but disappears into absolute watery nothingness over the middle.  The shocking part is the tannins which complete the finish.  I’ve tasted zins and merlots from the mid-90’s which showed worse than this.  It is gone, make no mistake about it.  But gone in a way which still totally shows the verve even ‘superieur’ Bordelais are capable of at 3 decades.  A stellar probably 5th- or 6-th label Moueix negociant-blend of the time.  11-0!!!!  Ya, that thin.  The more time it spends in glass, the more viable it becomes.  But it is gone.  Way gone.  But no pruneyness or maderization the New World wines would show at half this age.  Gotta give this a ♦♦ on classic merit alone–and holding power.

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