Pinot for the Pinot-Wonks

Perfect medium garnet with pink edges.   Gobs of supple pinot barnyard and earth.  Rich and extracted nose, but with definite control.  High note at end of dirty nutmeg and caraway.  A certain piquant-ness turns in at the end telling you it will all balance out well on the palate.  Mucous and mild oak.  An instant dark fruit overwhelms the tongue–richness almost unimaginable of solid solid shockingly ripe cherry and it doesn’t fade out while the acids eagerly creep in and carry everything away into the lush tannins and still that fruit.  I swallowed two sentences ago and still that fruit–monopolizing the full of my mouth with the acid digging little holes all over my tongue–burying more fruit-treasure.  This is a ripe, balanced, varietally-correct Pinot.  It is huge and stunning but not in a Bella Glos or Cherry Pie sorta way.  It hits everywhere, and still has the magical opulent restraint which is classic Pinot.  This wine only shows you what it wants you to see when it wants you to see it.  Everything is a perfect orchestra of Pinot events happening in classic fashion from start to finish–and long after.  What an amazing wine and one of the first SRH for me which has absolutely stunned.  Maybe because it is made in RRV, my first true love.  Don’t know… don’t care.  14-1.  ♦♦♦

24hr Vac-U-Vin edit:  Still sumptuous and massively-fruited and exquisititely-bouqueted.  Just a stunning wine still, one day in.

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