Almost Like Visiting An Old Friend

Been wanting to try this for a while.  I have no idea what the marketing/supply-chain situation was, but suddenly every store I buy wine at has a 4-case stack which magically appeared a couple weeks ago.  The funny part is, they are 2010.  One must realize BV ‘Napa’ and BV ‘Rutherford’ are selling 2011 and 2012 in the supermarkets.  So why the sudden release of this lesser-blend with four candles in its cake?  Just odd.  Like somebody forgot about 40 pallets of it is some warehouse or it was destined for China and sat in a container in Long Beach never clearing customs.  Who knows.  Someone at Treasury?  Constellation?  Who owns BV this week?  I have it on pretty good authority it is not Georges.  I have seen it for $24.99, 20.99, and 19.99 but when I found it for 15.99 that was too much and I bit.

Dark dark DARK crystal ruby with purple edges.  A fairly dense blend of sweet oak, burnt tire, and rich earth in the heavy nose.  Hot chocolate and candy-canes and wet turned earth.  A nice shock of classic piquant–dare I say Rutherford?!?–fruit punctuates the entry and piles more spice and a touch of that burnt rubber.  This thing really does well with a bit of air.  Decant even?  Which I know sounds crazy for such a little wine but seriously the longer I dwell on this thing the moar seriouser it gets.  I haven’t even looked at the blend yet, but am guessing a ‘Cucina Misto’ blend of probably zin and syrah with cab getting lesser duty.  Seriously, this is not Tapestry.  But still, it is–like everything BV makes, albeit 50-billion corporate cases of–solid, really nice wine with a story and a plan.  This tastes like BV Rutherford did 15 years ago.  Lately the disappointment grows with both BV Ruth and Beringer Knight’s Valley–two cherished stalwarts I have enjoyed for decades.  The last few vintages really REALLY disappointed.  This wine is the opposite.

I bought and opened this completely expecting a joke.  I was NOT going to like this tourist-juice.  It was going to be 30,000 case over-wrought, fruit-forward CRAP.  But it is not, actually.  In fact, I am seriously pondering picking up a few more to toss away for a few years.  The color is there.  The nose is there.  The fruit is there.  And the finish runs off with this briary sweetness into ample–but well-mannered–tannins.  So what’s in this stuff?  I’m guessin 14-1.  Nope, it’s 14-5 and cab, zin, SY, ME, PS, Touriga Nacional (a Portugese variety and one of the classic components of Port), and Charbono.  Well there you have it.  And it carries a Napa Valley appell so I can kinda see all the components working together now.  I see the cab and the zin and the MT and the SY.  Really an interesting little wine and I am quite impressed–and shocked.  Buy yourself some.  I don’t know what the story is or why it is suddenly available, but it is an impressive, solid, well-made bottle COMPLETELY enjoyable now and with years to go.  Nice job, BV.

2010 BEAULIEU VINEYARDS Beaurouge Napa Valley 14.5

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