My Yearly Date with the Fish-Wrap

Yes, it’s that time of year again and the annual trotting out of THE LIST is impossible to ignore–mainly because people immediately start asking my opinion of it.  No, I won’t share it because I’m not going to play into their MO of giving exact numerical values to a bottle of wine and therefore putting all wines in competition with each other on a level playing field /rantover BUT it IS an interesting list which I have commented enough on today to practically make a blogpost, and here are some bullet-proof scientific observations from this, ahem, list.
>2011 musta been one hell of a declared year in Porto.
>Three of the top 10 are Portuguese wines–two of them stills, which is amazing because no one realizes what great wines they are or how plentiful and they are basically not available on the West Coast.
>The best Super-Tuscans are Merlot haha.
>Grüner Veltliner.  That is all.
>The most expensive wines are still Pinot Noirs.
>  Congrats to all the locals here  4? 5? 6? 7? Central Coast wines represented, yo.
>The Greeks wheeled out their Trojan horse at 70.
>Congrats to the 78$ CdP at 91 for winning the Last Most Expensive Ribbon this year.
>Negociant du Darling Orin Swift wields his ultimate hipster to out-hipster even the hippest hipster Machete just so wineshops all over Southern California who are otherwise just randomly glazed over on this tome can say, “OMG WE CARRY ONE ON THE LIST!”
>How come I never find DuMol for 55$?!?
>I wanna know where the Herman Story grapes came from.  ‘California’ my rear end.
>Mumm Cuvee Napa Brut Prestige IS the best value in wine there ever has been and deserves to be on the list EVERY YEAR like Charles Olken and Earl Singer gave it *** year after year after year.
>I heart Gerard Bertrand.
>I heart saying “5 Puttonyos” and have all my life and always will.  OK, “trockenberenauselese” is cool too AND NO I CAN’T SPELL IT CAN YOU, MEANIE?
>We got moar pinots than Oooooor-gon,  We got moar pinots than Ooooor-gon, We got moar pinots than Ooooor-gon. *sung to Neener-Neener-Neener*.
>Dude.  Is there no Napa Cab on this list?!?
>I have always been the biggest Peter Lehman Barossa wonk on the planet.  Ok, ‘Clancys’ is a little cheap, but still….
>YES *massive arm pump* Sonoma Cab to age for 10 years (it’s the Spectacle+Sonoma so double that).
>Is there seriously no Napa Cab on this list?!!?
>Oh!  There it is!  Peter Michael Knight’s Val…. oh wait.  That’s a chardonnay.  Nevermind.
>There were One Hundred THOUSAND cases of Rombauer Chardonay made in 2012.  Think about that.
>A Turley Zin that can last for 5 years are you frickin kidding me?  Not possible. Put down the bong.
>Oh there it is.  One.  Twenty Four at 112$  1250 cases made.  Good for 10 years.  Sounds like a hell of a cab.
Edit: Here is the list referenced but you WILL HAVE TO CHANGE THE DATE TO “2014” for it to make sense:

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