An Educative Homage to THE LIST

“Are you opening the Pali Huntington tonight?”
“Why NOT?!”
“Because I own them all.”
“Sure, but aren’t you curious?”
“Sure, but I bought them all.  I have as long as I want to try them!”
“Dude, that’s mussed up.  We want to know what it’s like.”
“I have bigger fish to fry.”
How about this.  From the man who–speaking of lists–brought you the highest-ranking Zinfandel ever to grace the The List and probably will never be topped.  2003 Rockpile Vineyard which I remember reading about and, so… without further ado… I bring you a cellar-mate from that momentous vintage.  Because it would be just too simple to drink something off the list.  You see what I did here?

Dark ruby with garnet edges.  Immense briar nose of fresh-cut poison-oak stems and rotten oak leaf humous.  An intense still, ripe, polished alcoholic nose with tendencies toward raisin–but not just quite.  Just briar and round with an effluent of squished-bug piquantness which compels miserably.  Little sign of age.

I can not express completely how rich and ripe and full–and still curling a bit at the nose-hairs–this wine is.  Absolutely phenomenal.  Huge chewy fruit comes over the tongue, bringing with it 110% of the fruit and briar you were expecting, with roasted pecan and rhubarb pie and blackberries in August with the seeds removed.  And… then the seeds start showing up.

This pomegranate-whilst-crunching-the-seeds blasts in and tells you this thing isn’t going ANYWHERE for a few more years.  The tannins have a sweet pruney tinge which tells you this thing is over a decade but oh so velvety and not so much ‘soft’ as their still-harshness is perfectly balanced with sweet fruit.  What an amazing wine.

Breathes out somewhat fast and degenerates just slightly into a roasted-coffee/chocolate somewhat fat elixir showing definite pruneyness.  A definite alcohol component presides over the late-nose and the finish.  My guess was dead-on at 14-8.  This would be the most amazing Thanksgiving wine EVAR.  It just EXUDES Holidays.  I am in love and am glad there is more haha.  Send me a SASE with 45$ and I will send you something to wow your guests.

2003 JEFF COHN CELLARS Syrah Fess Parker Vineyard Santa Barbara Co. 14.8

24hr Vac-U-Vin edit:  Still stunning, no oxidation to speak of, full of fruit and still-vibrant acids and tannin.  As my gut told me, this one gets the nod for longevity.

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