Jeff Cohn Trifecta

Same color as the other two–a bit lighter ruby with wider edges of garnet headed into bricking.  Huge funk Euro nose only slightly blows off with decanting.  Stemminess and Moroccan spice remain prevalent in the nose, with warm raw meat and ending in more funkiness.  Like a really ripe CdP.

This one was 15$ less on release than the other two, at 30$.  Classic Arroyo Seco nuances very reminiscent of SMV rhones.  This one give you rich 7-UP fruit and acid on entry, with still-mouth-curling tannins omnipresent.  Some sweet oak on bouquet and tongue and the rich, ripe black cherry is definitely headed the pruney-direction at a much more pronounced rate than the last two JC’s, the Santa Barbara and the Napa.  All three of these are just stellar, but the Fess Parker is in it for the long run and the Caldwell is haunted by much too-high AL.  This one–a year older, at age 12–still has the staying power of a well-balanced, finely-crafted Syrah but the fruit is definitely the thinnest of the three.

This would be another EXCELLENT Thanksgiving wine, with the body and concentration able to stand up to weird side-dishes and the acid in love with the rich sauces and textures.  My only concern would be the overt funkiness on entry for your non-wino Mother-in-Law and her sister’s obnoxious husband who brought the 2014 Folie Au Deux he bought at Rite-Aid 8 minutes ago.  These wines just totally rock–all three–as proved by my opening three in a row.

2002 JC CELLARS Syrah Ventana Monterey County  14.6

The 2003 Fess Parker
The 2006 Fess Parker SBC Syrah from yesterday.
The 2003 Napa Valley Syrah from the day before.

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