This One’s Eight-Sixed!

Beautiful sparkling clear dark ruby with pink edges.  Never ending explosion of earth licorice rootbeer barnyard with a sharp AL overtone.  The nose really just goes on and on an only deviates Southward into flat oaky sweetness in tiny amounts which have sat in a glass some time.  Huge ripe Italian cherries–yes IN their syrup–and wet chalkboard gravitate out of this bouquet like a firehose.  And the whole time fat and alcoholic.  Is it Pinot?  Well, yes it is unmistakably pinot, but ohhhhhhh so fine a line here into a cold-climate Syrah.  Taste is fat and ripe, thick and viscous.  Blood.  Coating the mouth with glycerol-ey syrup before the crisp acids start biting and some seriously bitter tannins close off the rear.  And they pretty much continue forever.  Just plain bitter.  Such an interesting juxtaposition between the fat entry and the bitter finish.  Label states Riverbench, Pres’quile, Pence among others but seriously I would take any of those single-handedly against this blend.  14-7   ♦

24hr Vac-U-Vin edit:  Fat wood spice in nose, citrus followed with the same bitterness but fading off considerably.

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