The SMV Pinot Noir Goddess Strikes at Syrah

Deep dark ruby with garnet edges.  Clear but staining.  Opulent nose of rich funky cellar, banana-peel, espresso, toasted almonds, ripe fruit, some alcohol and sweet oak.  Clean and rich bouquet with no flaws.  Entry rich and smooth, while maintaining everything in the nose.  A bit thin of fruit in the finish whilst chalky, chewy tannins and astringency take over.  Just a textbook example of cold-climate Syrah.  Some signs of polish, but no indication of age anywhere–nose through finish.  Ripe and vibrant and fresh and in it for the long-haul.

This is an absolutely STUNNING Syrah.  It is nice.  You know–like you meet a really NICE person.  Just a really nice person who you want to know better and has edgy characteristics which alert and intrigue.  Nothing to hide, only the promise of more niceness as you get to know them.  I would love to know where the fruit was sourced for this one.  Garey?  Bien Nacido?  I don’t think it’s Nielson.  But I have been oh so wrong before. While I am the biggest fan of SMV Pinots, this SMV Syrah hits on all levels.

I would LOVE to have a half-dozen of these resting in my cellar.  Superb balance and varietal-correct perfection, I would put this up against some of my favorite Syrahs–and it’s about half the price.  I have only had Pinot Noirs from this winemaker here-to-fore and am a big fan, but this bottle hits out of the park.  I dare say this is one of the best Syrahs I have had this year.  I have a new respect for Clarissa.  She obviously knows Syrah too, which for TRUE Pinot & Syrah fans isn’t too much of a stretch.  This Nagy couple are the ones to watch in SMV.  Clarissa has recently opened a new tasting room in the old CORE location in Old Orcutt which represents a 5 BILLIONTH % improvement on the wines previously poured at this location.

2007 NAGY Syrah Santa Maria Valley Santa Barbara County 14.5

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