The PERFECT Thanksgiving Wine.

Ok, so… first off:  I am refraining from saying this is the most incredible Spanish wine I have ever had.  That would just be unctuous and pre-mature and probably not even well-thought-out.  Wait.  These wine-notes are well-thought-out?!!?  Beautiful clear deep medium ruby with clear edges.  An absolute oak-BOMB.  There, we got that out of the way.  But buried in that amazing sweet oak is layers and layers of spice and briar, nutmeg and cardamon and steely earth and fresh-shredded roadside fennel and mugwort stems.  This reminds me of a really high-end Napa Merlot.  There is some Rioja funk in there, all of the shocking oak blows off a tad to reveal some cabbage and dill and still more spice… and bubble-bath!  With some hippie concoction of bubbles made from myrrh and sandalwood and underscored with fresh honey.  And I haven’t even tasted it yet.  Rich and ripe and deeply fruited on the tongue.  The nose becomes somewhat viscous upon tasting–like some things are not working together–but still nothing to complain about.  Other than the oak.  The acid is fat and in the rear, where the fairly soft tannins come marching in.  The spice and forward-portion of the fruit are the last things you taste on this wine–far into the finish.  This wine reminds me of Parador Riserva.  Really.  For, like, one-THIRD the price.  Really… if you can find this–even if you are the biggest Cali-wonk–try it.  You know what?  THIS is my perfect Thanksgiving wine.  There I said it.  Everybody would just go BONKERS over a few bottle of this at the table.  Huge and ripe and velvet lush and sexy and edgy but still huge and ripe and still acidic with tannin pretending to be 18.  And only 13-0!  Is that even possible?!?!?

2011 BODEGAS HERAS CORDON Rioja Tempranillo Spain 13.0

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