Please make this Pinot go away

Milky deep salmon.  Expressive ripe-fruited nose punctuated with petrol and somewhat classic Santa Lucia Highlands burnt tire but really more of a dirty baby diaper.  Sharp chemically steely minerality and sweet oak.  Disjointed and awkward.  Strange orange-peel/hands of Buddha bouquet.

More towards Carmel Valley–after googling–and not a dreadful Pinot Noir–until you taste it.  Smooth and mild on the tongue, bitter, moldy-bread edges creep in on the sides and kinda spoil the fruit.  Considerably alcoholic.  This is just cheap crappy stuff packed into a fancy bottle with some weird nuances and a reputed winemaker’s name on it and a borderline appellation.  A dreadful Pinot.

24hr Vac-U-Vin edit:  It actually has settled down a bit.  Big haricot-vert nose and moldy… I dunno… condom? smell.  So weird. An acetic-bacterium nuance–but no fruit flies.  This drinks right now like a decent Oregon PN.  Seriously–I have decided that is what it is:  An Oregon Pinot labeled wrong.

2009 CIMA COLLINA Pinot Noir Chula Vina Monterey County 14.3

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