A Greg Linn for 1/3 The Price

Medium-to-dark garnet with wide bricking edges.  Spicy nose rich with Eucalyptus, mint and floral situations over a core of lovely Pinot funk.  Definitely some age on it.  Brisk and spicy on the tongue, too–showing it isn’t going anywhere soon.

Deep, musky, wilted-rose bouquet translates into an early fruit explosion which thins to fairly hot, lingering tannins.  This thing still packs a whallop, and it all plays nicely off the heavy rotten-log and sharp chalky mineral all through the taste.  I say “still” like I am surprised…  It’s ONLY a 2007.  Still, seven years can be a death-sentence for even seriously-refined pinot, so am enjoying this little 25-ish dollar gem for all its impressive structure and noticeable polish.  SERIOUS sediment.  It doesn’t help I opened it almost immediately upon arrival home fro the wine-shop. I relish sediment, but this thing was so milky it was affecting enjoyment.  A quick decant through a coffee-filter solved it.

Don’t mistake the acid in this thing for alcohol.  It is entirely balanced through-and-through and am guessing it is safely under 14-0.  There’s several more of these bottles around–and it is a fabulous price.  And for those of you who exclusively drink current releases, get a bottle or two and see what kind of magic a couple years can do to a well-made Pinot.

2007 ZITO Family Winery Pinot Noir Santa Barbara County 13.6


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