Growing Pains

Dark and dense and staining with deep crimson edges.  Don’t let the initial funk scare you.  It comes on super-strong and with a decant turns to buttery cookie-dough, blood and mexican leather patio furniture in the rain.  A spot of alcohol in it, that’s for sure.  The alcohol and mineral dominate the nose and entry.

A bitter smash of lush fruit creates a little bump in the road before a shockingly thin finish takes over.  Surprising considering the color and concentration of this bottle visually and the size of the wine initially.  Thin little tannins–almost sour–squeak off into the sunset.  It is not a horrible wine.  It’s just kinda all over the place in terms of balance.  I know if  I were the Syrah-God which knobs I would turn a little this way and that way in my grand control-booth of wine–but where’s the fun in that?!?! The nose has retreated to a acrid stony cardboard and the mid-palate has melded the pepper and fruit together nicely and the finish still has a meager edge.  It’s TWO YEARS OLD, though.  Give it a break.  I do not think this is a wine for the far long term, but it definitely would benefit from another two years in bottle.  Not really all that balanced at this point.  Availability is fairly limited–buy it now and drink it later.

2012 AMOR FATI Syrah Santa Maria Valley Santa Barbara County California 14.7

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