A 25-Dollar Napa Cab Hits Its Stride

Still can’t remember who made these, but I remember them coming out and they were only in the 25-dollar range.  Napa Wine Co?  Conn Creek? dunno and web searches turn up very little.  Certainly a one-off.  Deep garnet, moderate sed and considerably bricking edges.  Vibrant, somewhat dusty nose chock-full of nuts and berries, briar and oak. Round and ripe with banana peels and cream-cheese frosting. The perfect set of age melding everything together.  I have a full case of these left and am REALLY enjoying pulling them out and ‘cleansing my pallet’–as it were–of the myriad of young bucks in the Pinot and Syrah category I seem to drink nearly every day.  There really isn’t any substitute for age.  No aerator or fancy decanter can replicate it.  Ripe and supple in the entry, another delicate explosion of fruit and acid, both shocking fluid and elegant but with the edge of tar and piss-cured leather.  A teen-age tannin still bruisin for a fight curls easily under the tongue mid-palate and takes over.  These things have another EASY five-ten years on them.  Not an amazing feat for a well–fruited, structured, carefully prepared Napa Valley Cab but the really fun part is the original price-tag.  14-5 and an easy, stunning ♦♦♦

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