Oh What A County-Line Can Do

After the 20-dollar Napa Valley Cab last night, this one was just sittin there begging to be compared.  Here is a striking example of the difference between Napa and Sonoma along the same price-points.  Here is the difference between a label (BV) which basically sells itself and a top-notch bargain Cab-producer with 1/10th the production.  Here is the difference between a Cab directly marketed to entry-level drinkers and a Cab produced at a much higher–and classic–standard.  The beautiful part is I still have almost a half-bottle of the 2010 BV Napa left.  So at one day old I feel a fair comparison to a freshly opened 2006.

Body color is nearly identical, but out at the edges the difference is striking.  The Simi is deep sparkling ruby with amber edges.  The nose explodes pipe-tobacco and sultry fig and berry and fresh enamel paint.  Gamy underthings.  Nothing closed-in or shy here.  Ripe and round, and where you could SMELL the acid and meagerness of the BV, here you only smell rich fruit and mineral depth.

Instantly mouth-filling, with just enough fruit to balance out the acid.  A tad short-lived mid-palate–fruit thins considerably over the middle and tannins showing a daring lack of polish take over.  The age is only visible and apparent in the entry.  A nearly perfectly-balanced wine and one I am happy to know I have several more of.  Here is a cheap cab I will gladly work with over the next ten years.  It can do it.  A FULL 1% less AL than the BV is also a telling clue to its longevity.  Those of you in the front row will notice I opened one of these not too long ago–a liquor-store purchase which looked un-air-conditioned and hammered.  Stress was obvious on the label.  So be careful of your provenance.  This one is a stellar example.

2006 SIMI Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley Sonoma County 13.5


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