Deck The Hall With Boughs of Folly

Deep staining garnet with amber edges.  Everything about this wine is dreadful and fake.  Sharp, hot, burning bouquet of styrene–possibly on fire–and wet cardboard.  Strong, almost induced briar nuances and a glyceroley vanilla.  Hot and spicy in the mouth, INSTANTLY, burning every crevasse and node, while the round, coating mouthfeel tries desperately to do what the lab intended.  The cassis-and-Koolaid concentrates can’t quite convince you they are in charge of the nose and taste, and you are left with bitter plonk.  It fades away as quickly as it entered into absolute nothingness.  I’ve already wasted too much ink on this bottle.  I SHUDDER to think what it tasted like young.  14-5 and while I could possibly pretend to like this wine in a social situation, recommending it would be a sin:   ◊

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