I Know You Think You Know How Wine is Made

OK, after posting the 2008 Robert Hall Cabernet Sauvignon notes I can’t help but dredge something up from the archives to help put everything in perspective.  Fortunately, most of my readers KNOW THIS STUFF.  But, even some of the most hardcore-of-wineDorks have no clue and I have found that whole group who *belong to the wineclub* and hit the tasting rooms in their maxi-dresses and boots and really relish the *wine country lifestyle* and completely romanticize the entire process are the ones who are the most clueless about WHAT GOES INTO WINE.  And this list is only a magazine article.  It barely scratches the surface.  It only brushes across the really obvious ones.  You people have NO IDEA what goes into both mass-produced wines and the darling children at the upper end of the spectrum.  That is the conundrum.  The guiltiest parties are the one who have the most to lose.  The 75,000-case Chardonnay bottlings–and the no-expense-spared $300/bottle cabs from the *checkbook wineries* of Napa Valley.  It is the middle ground which is the most honest, and even then…. alot of stuff happens in the lab.  Know your winemaker.  Resist corporate wine.  Taste.  Think.  OK, here’s the article.

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