Occasion: Petite Sirah

Black impenetrable dense liquid with no edges.  Some sediment.  Volatile nose just jam-packed with all kinds of wonderfulness.  Headily floral–late-spring jasmine and honeysuckle, natal plum and gardenia.  Dark looking and smelling, an absolute explosion of saturated fruit concentrate, wet leather and smoke.  And alcohol.  Dusty and warm through-and-through this thing has to be 15.  It smells SO FRICKIN GOOD though.  In the mouth, round, full and not disappointing at all from the bouquet.  It delivers everything promised and more.  Chewy and thick, but elegant and polished.  I forced myself to guess age as well–and with PS, we all know the myriad of styles throughout California make this almost impossible–I tasted a Brady 2013 last year which was so tuned-down it blew me away and I tasted a 2008 a few weeks ago which would take the paint off your car.  There is a definite polish in the nose and mouth–despite the AL, it shows restraint of lurking structure and the absolute overwhelming ripe fruit has several edges rubbed off it as well–showing a pristine vanilla and loam.  I guessed 4 years old and it turns out to be a 2009.  The mind-numbing opaqueness in both sight, taste and feel stops just short of ‘chewy’–as the AL keeps everything fluid and sharp, while nectar of the nose and entry keeps you happy to *forget* the burn.  All the heavenly nuances in the world can’t keep this black, thick liquid at bay and eventually the chalky tannins on 11 turn your mouth into a gravel-pit of desperate tongue-cleansing.  Futile tongue-cleansing.  Label says 15-5.  Where is this wine going?  Well, with anything over 14-5, it’s a crap-shoot.  I say enjoy it as it is.  This massive brooding ink with a little bottle age.  It IS balanced.  But it IS fat.  I think 2 or 3 more years might seriously start bringing forth the pruney–NONE of which is visible now, BTW.  What an outstanding wine.  ♦♦

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