Putin Can’t Waltz

Milky clear garnet, bricking somewhat with clear edges.  Initial bottle-stopper funk turns instantly to heady alcohol and cookie-dough loam and stones with none of the toasted-almond 10yo Pinot Noir nuances you get from thinner, more Burgundian-styled bottles.  Nope, this is all #theamericanpalate aged ripe fruit with the glossy, somewhat fat leftovers of heavy extraction.  But really smells heavenly.  Chocolate and maraschino-inspired fruitcake.  Barnyard elements are held to the background behind the rich fruit and considerably AL.  In the mouth, an expectant *rich and round* with considerable bite–first from still-ample acid and later the pure burn of alcohol-infused tannin with garam-masala whip-cream on top.  I have a half-dozen of these and they continue to please and please every time I open one.  Yes, it’s big and blustery.  No, crazy wonderful barnyard Pinot elements do not take forefront–but they are in there–just hidden behind the absolute massiveness of the fruit and the sweltering AL.  The finish leaves you absolutely inspired for rich, immensely-fruited Cali Pinot.  This is a textbook child.  I really do not see anything great coming of these in the distant future and will probably consider drinking most of them soon.  Maybe keep one around just to see what it can do at 15 or so.  14-3  An outstanding  ♦♦

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