Wells, a Little Sad

Actually quite bright ruby–dense and staining–with edges I would not call bricking.  Moderate sed.  Huge initial *gone* funk which goes away in decanter.  Tarry, over-ripe and slightly oxidized fruit control the nose with a touch of brett and some velvety–but obvious–alcohol and banana-peel and light chocolate frosting.  Some steminess peeks through–although with CONSIDERABLE polish.  Rich and round in the mouth, concentrated and astonishingly young-tasting.  Pie-cherry core with its related acid, marzipan and a finish quite un-telling of the date on the label.  What an interesting wine.  My first impulse is to blame some of the dis-service on extraction and hi-AL.  I do not think this wine is cooked.  If nothing else, a slight out-of-balance situation going in, but oh man, I’ll bet this thing was yummy on release.  Label states *only* 13-9.  Entirely enjoyable but could be so much more.  ♦

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