Danes are Big, Right?

Dark glass-staining ruby with thin clear edges.  Floral and heady with a shot of alcohol in the nose and just a tad of flab–not a bad amount, just enough to somewhat keep the alcohol at bay.  It really is bright and fresh, but there is an oxidized element evident in the nose hinting at pruney, but not anywhere close yet.  Flinty with a good helping of sweet oak makes for nice counter-points.  Rather tight first-off, but opens and opens into something that even SMELLS like a monster.  In the mouth, a flat, viscous momentary-entry hits briar and acid hard and fast to leave the tongue groping for fruit–and it’s there:  Very definitely there, round and ripe and extracted, packed with leather and berry preserves before the heat of that alcohol invades again and the blistering tannins take hold.  This is a really nicely done Syrah.  I’ve been rather hard on it, but it is tough enough to smile through it.  I wish it had a sketch less alcohol, because the 14-9 shows very well at every juncture.  I guessed 15-2.  Find some of this if you can.  Highly recommended.

2009 DANE CELLARS Syrah Justi Creek Sonoma 14.2


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