Dense black staining ruby with wide pink edges.  Rich and weedy, long on young, dark fruit and a perfect dosage of oak-pit BBQ wood.  Raw meat, pesto and Dijon.  Such a baby–you can really smell the youth-foibles.  I really hate drinking 2012 reds.  Decanted heavily, a touch more cassis and minerality shine through.  The fat, warm-climate rosiness comes to the forefront on this thing.  If Beringer is going for an ‘appellation-identity’ on this bottle, they certainly nailed it.  While I know nothing about this wine, it REEKS of Paso Robles.  Been extremely curious about the label for a couple years and finally bit.  No info on blend on label.  Guessing about 50 Cab and while generous helpings of PV or CF and possibly even a stemmy MT are distinct tasting possibilities, it feels like it might deviate from the classic BDX with perhaps generous helpings of SY or PS.  Maybe even Zin.  I’m putting it at 14-6.  Interestingly, the PP on this bottle is at-or-slightly-above Beringers Napa Valley Cab–making it almost double the price of Knight’s Valley, one of my perennial favorites.  Of course, being a corporate product in a massive book make prices extremely variable and I found this for sub-20$ recently while it sits at double that across town.  In the mouth, acid and tannin take center stage while the salted-licorice fruit forms a nice supporting role around it, thinning out considerably mid-palate.  Mind-numbing tannin cleanses everything out.  I have not tasted Paso cab this seriously acidic and tannic–while still being *Paso* of course–for quite some time and I would KILL to find a bottle with a few more years on it.  14-5  and as much as it pains me I am going to have to give this a HIGHLY recommended ♦♦  but be forewarned:  It drinks like a barrel-sample.

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