Clear thinnish ruby with garnet edges.  HUGE amazing and wonderful rotten garbage funk upon opening.  Decanted.  Immediately turned toward concentrated dusty crushed floral rose and lily.  An stunning nose, incredibly spicy and heady with wet mineral and barnyard.  With considerable air, a great cassis and blackberry rises up and road-tar overwhelms.  No over-ripe or over-oaked or over-extacted aging issues present here at all.  Just clean, clear, beautiful wine with a decade on it.  Still funky, but rich, round and sweet fruit overwhelms.  The interesting part of the last couple days’ wines is: of the past three older orphans opened, the 2001 Testarossa Bien Nacido PN, the 2006 Sol Rouge Cab, and this one, this is far and away the cheapest and weakest appellation and yet it is head-and-shoulders the best wine.  This 25$ GSM I had little hope for, but oh man, there’s what expectations are good for:  Nothing!  DO NOT under-estimate the long-term viability of a cheap(er) wine.  This thing really proves where balance and subtle fruit can over-come even not-stellar provenance and provide an absolute WOW! bottle of wine.  Ripe and golden and perfectly balanced with a situation of polish nearing perfection.  In the mouth, a tad thinner than the nose advertizes, but still rich and round, supple with vibrant perfectly ripe fruit, spot-on Vit C acidity and softened tannins begging for sip after sip.  Warm astringency leaves not too much left of the finish, but the fruit hangs on and on.  This is a SHOCKING bottle of wine and I am glad I have a few more.  A lovely indictment of future bottles.  14-6  ♦♦♦

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