Brackish Water

Deep garnet all the way out to the edges.  Almost nauseatingly cassis and licorice with a plasticine floral, onion and mayonnaise–the whole package smells like fast-food hamburgers and electrical fire.  Carborundum and sweet bell pepper.  This is an incredibly nuanced wine to smell.  Almost too nuanced.  Steely and cold in its effusiveness.  A beautiful stone wall–but unclimb-able.  Brick, with the graffiti freshly power-washed off–bright and clean and mono-palatal.  In the mouth, instantly thick and chewy–almost insoluble texture and fruit tinged in bright garam masala and orange Crush.  Lovely broken-stem tannins attack early-mid-palate and balance out well with the oak and ripe fruit through the finish.  Tiny shot of heat at the end but probably nothing much over 14.  Heavy polish considerably beyond the actual 5-year-date.  Drinking at near perfect, just a little too ripe-floral/fruit-forward-flabby for my palate, but a very nice–and fun to drink–wine.  14-2   ♦

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