Is a Caldera a Volcano?

Clear medium garnet with amber edges.  Intoxicating cassis, thick pie-cherry and crushed-bug.  Heady licorice, rubber-band, candy-bar and brier overwhelms and barely dispels.

This is one of those wine you stick in your nose for a split second and know it is something special.  In defending 100-Point wines, Robert Parker talks of something you instantly know the second you smell them and I have always agreed.  This is one of those wines.

In the mouth, an acidic storm of super-supple and ripe fruit vying against brier and earth with a bit of sharp heat alongside the velvet tannin.  Incredibly ripe, but at the same time edgy and sharp–minerality and spice you will not soon forget.  The layers of leather on wet sandpaper and soil just defy description.  Probably the only thing I can say bad about this wine is I kinda wish it had more tannin in the finish.  But that’s it.  Very limited–try the website or Madelline’s in Cambria has a few.  NO ONE I have tasted this on has come close to guessing the alcohol.  The balance on this wine is phenomenal.  My original reaction to this wine.  And the 2009.

2010 CALDERA CUVEE The Earth Speaks  Cab/ME/CF 45/30/25 Paso Robles 15.4

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