Pinot Seizure

Medium ruby with purple edges.  A nice–though rather middle-of-the-road–pinot nose, although alcohol is very and instantly present.  Deep raspberry fruit, very extracted and polished into concentration alongside redwood bark and boughs.  The heady and overwhelming bouquet gives way in the mouth to crisp acid and that trademark woodsy, briar and peat of Anderson Valley.  Anyone who knows me understands my love of Anderson Valley.  The bartender at Nepenthe has a bottle of Methode a l’Ancienne open for me before I have locked my car.  A restaurant in Napa called me “Mr. Goldeneye” before it closed.  This label is one I discovered about 10 years ago and I DO NOT believe it was sourced from Anderson Valley at the time.  I am almost positive it was a Bien Nacido or SMV situation and was priced in the 25-30 dollar range and I bought tons of it.  I could be wrong–that was a lot of brain-cells ago–but I think I would have remembered if Carpe Diem was from Anderson Valley.  Having not seen it for almost a decade, I was happily surprised when I saw the brand–albeit on a COMPLETELY differently-designed label–on a shelf for basically the same PP.  And it does not disappoint.  Bright and fresh while still retaining a considerable ripeness, it is a completely serviceable everyday pinot with no hugely compelling features.  14-1  ♦♦

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