A Nickel Today or a Dollar Tomorrow

Perfect onion skin, ripe and supple nose headed toward peach and apricot.  A certain depth on the palate designed much more for New World tastes than a classic street-rosé.  Really stands alone well–an easy drinker all by itself or or complimenting complex nibbles.  Full-bodied and round and a crispness coming more from minerality than acid.  Perhaps a trace of sweetness.  As badly as I wanted to dislike this bottle, it is a fabulous rosé headed a little more towards a Bandol style.  At 25$, it is not exactly cheap but WELL worth it.  13.0  (2013)  http://miraval-provence.com/en/

Beautiful salmon with a spicy-funky nose sharp with cinnamon, Granny smith and over-ripe grapefruit with a touch of latex.  Far more of a classic 5€ carafe, street-rosé designed to wash down un-sophisticated but thick and rich cuisine.  Think socca or blood sausages, pot au feu or pizza.  Not particularly mouth-filling, but bright with acid right up front which head out over the fairly-fruity middle into a sort of vitamin-bitterness.  And… don’t forget you can buy 3 of these for the price of the Miraval.   13.0  (2012) http://www.chateauriotor.com/

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