Comfortably Wine

Dark purple-black, somewhat staining, actually, with wide ruby edges.  Heady brier and effusive cassis, sharp mint, eucalyptus, and bright petrichor notes so overwhelming it is easy to confuse with overt alcohol.  I think it lies in the fact there isn’t a whole lot of fruit laying around in there.

I have a ton of these and when all our plans cancelled tonight and we decided to stay in and make comfort food, I went down looking for something easy, relatively cheap, yummy and fulfilling, but I didn’t want to have to think about it too hard.  Wasn’t even planning on blogging about it.  A *comfort wine*.  Simi always rewards in these situations.  Alexander Valley to me is just comforting.  I was a little surprised at how dark and dense it was in the glass but the tidal-wave of bouquet doesn’t surprise.  This stuff is always heady.  It’s more in the expectations, I suppose.  You pull a 20$ bottle of cab which is on every supermarket shelf from here to Pensacola and you expect…. well…. something a little more fruit-forward, jammy and easy on the structure.  Not with Simi.  What a winner–year-in and year-out.

In the mouth, full and rich, filling every crevasse with full, supple nuances of just about everything in the nose–but fruit just a tad lacking.  Brightly acidic, while rich and ripe, and packed with graphite and conifer and sweet oak and still-vibrant tannins backing things up, but a tad thin entry and middle prevents you confusing it with something double the price.  Still, oh so fun to drink and if past vintages are any indication, its dozen-or-so brothers and sisters will be amazing beverages for the next decade.

These wines–no matter how technically critical you are of them–taste fabulous after a couple years of polish and they are so balanced, 20 years is very rewarding.  This thing is just about perfect.  What a bargain.

2008 SIMI Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley Sonoma 13.5

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