Bright ruby, some sediment, with barely bricking ruby edges out to clear.  A touch musty, then huge burnt peanut butter bouquet settles down into a nutty haricot verts and cassis with mind-boggling licorice and high notes of alcohol and herbs du Provence and conifer.

I’m feeling this winery is defunct–I have never heard of it for decades and no idea who “AK Vintners” is.  Colson Canyon is also a strange little appell.  Do you know where it is?  B A R E L Y Santa Maria Valley–actually outside the boundaries–way out on Tempesquet Canyon road way way way out in the middle of NOWHERE.  I have enjoyed several CC syrahs though… McPrice-Meyers makes one and so does Brander and Tensley.  Like most strange little postage-stamp appellations, they are always interesting.  This was a half-price orphan I picked up recently–had little hope for it surviving and opened it on a Sunday-night whim.  I already had the amazing Simi from last night showing wonderfully at 24 hours and shockingly enough, the Still Waters at 1/4 bottle at 48 hrs under Vac-U-Vin surprising me with heady fruit and great structure.  I did not expect it to hold up so well.  Note to self.  Point is, I had lovely wines to drink tonight, but got bored and opened this planning on cleaning my garbage-disposal with it.  It was not to be.  Kahn just keeps coming back to haunt over and over.  In the mouth, rich and ripe and round, with a nice acid burn to balance the nutty fruit.  Chalky and mineralific with still-biting tannins looming huge in the finish.  There is a certain maderized polish unmistakable in the middle-finish but I am not going to let that bother me.  Also an considerably AL burn in the finish tells me this thing has to be 14-7… almost 15?  Fruit is thinning considerably after a hour in air and the acid and mineral take a front seat.  Still, an incredible almost-13yo bottle of not-incredibly-expensive Syrah.  Enjoyable through-and-through.  If you don’t like old wines though… this is not for you, as the acidity barely keeps the the nutty fruit from banging against the vibrant structure.  I’m glad I have a couple more.  Oh man way off:  Only 14-2.  Well, that explains a lot in regards to its longevity.

2002 KAHN Syrah Colson Canyon Santa Barbara Co 14.2

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