The Black-Hand Broken-Record

Medium-dark ruby with purple edges.  Gamy floral full and huge as the bottle-funk airs off.  So creamy and delicious-smelling–the earth and meatiness of carrot cake with the piquantness of cream-cheese frosting.  So dense and deep:  The bouquet is at once a lush garden path and a wall of overbearing fruit.  I have yet to not fall in love with something this winery offers.  It shocks even me.  At first it was a couple of Syrahs which wowed me.  Several visits later to the tasting room in Cambria West-Village and they have a PN and two Temp/ME blends: this one is 75/25 Temp/ME and its cellar-mate is the opposite.  I opted for this one because the major-ME one seemed a tad soft with just the power and spice in the background, and this one had all the floral headiness and spice up front and softness in the finish.  Where the nose shows off those bright-purple edges, the mouth is all ruby business.  Screamingly tannic, they begin impressing you the moment you take your eyes off the initial fruit.  Explosive pepper and mint, all packaged in a halved-Bing squeezed onto your lips.  The tar and briar almost out-weigh the fruit.  This is ABSOLUTELY un-abashedly a cellar-candidate.  It is PHENOMENAL to drink now and is going to become a STUNNER in the next 5-10 years–LONG after the tiny quantities made have run out–there’s only 3-4 barrels of these wines made.  14-5   ♦♦

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