The Doctor Orders BUBBLES

Pale pink yellow.  Substantial effervescence.  Heady citrus and raw pips grapple with the prise de mousse.  Picked this up on a recent visit to Glen Ellen and totally hand-processed, disgorged, everything–the way I like it.  So many California wineries add a bubbly to their roster for marketing reasons and contract it out because the process of making a legit méthode is so labor-intensive.  If you don’t now what I’m talking about, go study up on the three or four ways to make sparkling wine and then come back.  If you are not willing to do that, this blog is not for you.  Go away.  In the mouth acidic and spicy with intense grassiness evoking other varietals and bruised Granny-Smith alongside lovely hot bread and wet cardboard.  The roasted almond nuttiness reminds you of Champagne, but the taut citrus convinces you are in California.  This is vintage, and tasting very much the part, with no deceleration of bubbles.  You are actually swallowing bubbles on this one.   Commendations to all the people I met involved in this bottle and will look forward to many more.  This is seriously something you should seek out.  No indication of blend on label.  2009  12-5  ♦♦

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