Let’s Be Franc

Sparkling red-ruby with purple edges.  Heady oak and cassis, which tell you immediately what style Cab Franc this will be.

I have enjoyed CF from at least a dozen appellations in CA and typically it is made in a style to compete with its Bordeaux brethren.  Which doesn’t disappoint me per se, it’s just sometimes I wish for something lighter and brighter.  There’s a little Loire thing going around here lately–and I LOVE it.  Yes, we’re kinda out in the sticks and everything trickles up from LA a year later–we’re talking fashion here, in culinary things, it trickles NY, then LA, then starts filtering up North to the rest of California.  Quite a few local restaurants have a Chinon on the list, and if not, then a Loire Gamay or light Cab Franc.  Foremost, Market SM, Sidecar, Luis Wine Bar.  It is quite refreshing for an area mired for decades in the local over-ripe, uninteresting plonk.

Well, this wine is not Chinon.  Massive gobs of oak, serious extraction, heady acid with the pepper and tannin levied out far into the finish.  This is pretty def styled after a BDX interpretation.  Tapenade and cassis and ripe black cherry with a concentration and opulence evoking right-bank bottles.  It is a lovely wine–and a near-perfect CA interpretation.

2012 BRANDER Cabernet Franc Santa Ynez Valley Santa Barbara Co. 13.8


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