WCP Harmonicas

When I bought this several years ago, I had never heard of WCP Cellars or seen San Antonio Valley as an appellation. It tasted well at the winery and I bit on a half-case.  50/50 SY/ CF and spent 4 yrs in barrel, which… um… I feel might have been a cellar accident/troubled wine. Huge perfumed bergamot/lav nose, good fruit of an aged sort and decent balance with a sharp spicy note. Round and full with a touch of oxidation.

Subsequent bottles of this show a wine terribly flawed and falling apart on a rapid scale.  This winery has drifted around Paso Robles and now says Permanently Closed, although not sure that is true.  The way the Paso winemaker community is so imbred, I am sure whoever responsible for this trainwreck is still making wine somewhere.  undrinkable bullshit at each revisiting 2009 thru 2015.  Poured out at each opportunity.

2004 WCP CELLARS Harmonious SY/CF San Antonio Valley Monterey County

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