A Long, BEAUTIFUL, Meadow

Dark ruby with pink edges.  One of the biggest, briaryest noses I have experienced in some time.  Just KILLING IT with mint and eucalyptus and cedar, juniper and wet leather.  An overwhelming pencil-lead base keeps everything grounded, but the whole bouquet-package is like a brisk walk down a pin-needle-strewn path in a wet conifer forest.  Fruit is of the alcoholic, amaretto/maraschino persuasion.  Plush chocolate desserts covered in marzipan.  What an amazing-smelling wine.

This is on the list at Restaurant 1833 and moderately-priced and I can not think of a FINER all-around resty cab.  Rich and round in the mouth, filling and coating with most of the items promised in the nose.  To its benefit, it is thinner and more acidic than what you might expect from first opinions.  Chewy, lovely tannins showing mere traces of polish bring up the rear and it does not breathe-out or ‘calm down’.  Instead, it develops generously.  This is a fairly stunning bottle of wine.  13-5!!! and right there is a large chunk of its appeal.  I guessed somewhat higher based on the predisposition-of and familiarity-with any recent wine from Napa with this much concentration is going to HAVE to have at least 14-0 behind it.  But I was HAPPILY wrong.

2010 LONG MEADOW RANCH Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 13.5


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