Shits Ville

Clear ruby with clear edges.  Big gagging rotten-egg and vegetal funk on first pour, gracefully blows off to warm, still, overtly-ripe black cherry Jolly-Rancher fruit.  A swirl brings the funk back.

This is a Grocery Outlet experiment for 5 or 6 bucks, sourced from Paso and produced and bottled in Los Angeles.  Fairly crisp, sweet cinnamon/nutmeg over a candied lollipop base.  Incredibly thin in the mouth.  Completely lacking in anything even remotely *Cab* or *Paso* or substantially *interesting wine*.  Flat and acidic, completely un-elegant or sophisticated.  Watery and decidedly un-fruited.  A dark burnt-leather-tinged tannin finishes things off.

If you are used to paying 12-20 dollars for corporate, supermarket middle-shelf Cabernets, this will be an outstanding value and will prove to be an easy-drinking, non-thinking bottle.  The only plus I would give it is a lack of cloying, fruit-FWD fruit many of those are burdened with in an attempt to woo the lower-shelf shoppers.  Other than that, a complete waste of even 5 dollars.  It falls FAR below the quality of the Merlot I also tried.  This wine doesn’t offend terribly, but Oh Dear Dog how boring.

2011 QUARTZVILLE Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles  13.1!/

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