Don’t Cry Wolff

Clear dark ruby with tiny clear edges.  Tiny funk, opens up to raw artichoke, a black pepper, and a wet, angle-grinder-on-rusty-steel minerality.  Dense fruit apparent, a little burnt rubber, and alcohol.  Was excited to try this, as I have *possibly* one bottle left somewhere in the cellar of the original Wolff PS produced at 2nd or maybe 3rd leaf by Wolff.  Have enjoyed a number of them over the years.  This is a really boring wine.  There’s just nothing going on.  Not terribly flawed, just dumb in the mouth.  As regular reader will note, I am a HUGE fan of Summerland Pinots, Etienne Terlinden and Cordon Syrahs.  But this is a bland, safe wine not wowwing me at all.  Fruit is shy, but it definitely is not watery–full of body, acid and ultimately, moderate tannin.  It doesn’t insult you, but the mouth-feel leaves something to be desired.  The thin fruit disappears too quickly into the hot peppery finish, just very safe, easy-drinking wine with a finish which will win over those who are not focused on balance.  14-0  ♦

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