An Embarrassment to Paso Robles

Deep ruby with wide amber edges.  Some sed.  A blast of flabby oxidized fruit, the inside of a rubber boot, crushed sugar ants and old latex paint.  Holy wow this is horrendous-smelling liquid.  I haven’t stuck my nose inside anything this bad since CORE or Carmody-McNight.  A balmy, urine-soaked diaper over-rides any hope of some of that ant-spiciness turning out well.  I must taste it.  Big, candied, Sweet-Tart-infused entry with a substantial, chewy middle of black cherry, Dr. Pepper, and a structural element akin to snorting non-chewable Vitamin C.  My guesses on age and AL are running all over the place.  It HAS to be at LEAST 5 years old and a miserably acidified 16-0.  It was a current release at the tasting room in Paso, though, so I am a little worried it might be younger.  2010 and 16-5   ◊

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