The Upper IO’s of Syrah

Fairly dark ruby out to minuscule amber edges.  Round and rich in the nose from the get-go, abrasively earthy with gobs of burnt leather, a caramelized cassis situation and even a touch of petrol.  A candied, reduced fruit quite defying all descriptors.  High notes of conifer petrichor and fresh-split wood all against a chalky abruptness of mineral.  In the mouth, immediately -woodsy–but not oaky–bright and lively with stunning structure from the very beginning.  The chalky minerality visited in the nose shows itself big and lively, trying desperately to keep the ample fruit obscured, but there is far too much robust and concentrated black-cherry concentration for this to happen.  Huge tannin slightly over-powers the full mouthfeel.  Is this at its prime?  Who knows.  This is the finest showing of any IO I have had (mental calculations say I have had 4).  This was an orphan, so your guess is as good as mine.  There is a middle-astringency telling me this is at peak but I would KILL to have five more of a six-pack stashed away.  I would love to taste this at 15 and 20.  14-8  ♦♦

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