How To Impress The Sorority Girls

Milky ruby with florescent pink edges.  Green green green smelling.  Like an un-fruited barrel sample or bottom-shelf wine.  Pretty, bright floral over a bit of cream-cheese frosting and fairly dense oak.  Allan Hancock has a fairly serious Oenology program and I know several people involved in it or who have been contributors to their various field endeavors.  This is the Syrah vineyard ON campus in Santa Maria.  I believe this is the first year they have marketed their wine and it would be interesting to taste this alongside offerings from Fresno State and Cal Poly–two of which I have (unfortunately) had on several occasions.  This little thing suffers only from a warm, vapid nose and EXTREME young age.  I am not suggesting it is tannic and dense–I feel already it will be quite the contrary–but it just needs another 6 months in barrel, a pop of PMBS to brighten it up and maybe another half-year in bottle to settle down.  Selling it for consumption right now is doing the public a great dis-service.  Well, I guess unless green, flaccid wines are your thing.  In the mouth, a somewhat fake acid is apparent alongside vibrant–but not dirty–cola.  Nice Bing-cherry fruit–fairly concentrated–hits early and hard, fading to the green tannin.  Not a bad package, amateur-tasting to an extent, but lacking any serious flaws pointing to unprofessional methods, cleanliness issues or heavy-handed chemistry meanderings.  Small doses of all three, definitely, but all this thing needs is a little time.  14-8  ◊

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