Practically Villa Mt. Eden

Pretty garnet, bricking.  Slight sed.  Big initial gym sock blows off to more fruit and cassis as time increases.  Every time I pick this thing up, it smells better.  What started out as deep rich fruit with a certain patina heads into volatile spice, deep lemon-zest minerality and a full, rich plum juuuuuuust so barely headed into prune.  This was a grandma-cellar-find in Paso recently–very questionable provenance–and a mediocre producer and shitty vintage to boot.  Full and round in the mouth, packed with spice, vibrant and acidic throughout, and ample tannin ending things.  But is there fruit.  Always the question with these things.  Is there fruit.  With this one, Yes there is.  A good chunk of it.  Still.  Shockingly.  Just poured a fresh splash and BOOM there’s that gym-sock again–so much so you almost write the whole thing off–but just wait.  All-in-all a fun wine to drink.  I’ve had far worse 99’s.  Always interesting what a fairly cheap Napa cab of decent pedigree will do in the long haul.  This one still drinks wonderfully, amply-fruited and balanced, thins out slightly in the finish and is gone.   Bravo!

1999 CONN CREEK Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 13.2

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