Second Time’s A Charm

Bright, impenetrable ruby with a thin pink edge.  Tiny funk is just a flash-in-the-pan and things go all wet-chalkboard loamy, round tropical and smoke quickly.  A crisp vegetal situation offsets the concentrated floral nuances and smoke into a sort of flaccid robust concentration which make you wonder if the ripeness in the nose matches the label.  An interesting wine of curious concentrations–at once focused and hard and at the same time approachable.  But yet, you can SMELL the tannin, so don’t get too comfortable.  I was not kind to an earlier tasting of this producer’s Syrah and picked this up to hopefully smooth out the brand in my mind.  This one is healthily into 5 years old and doesn’t show a spec of age.  With that said, I did not taste it young–it could have been an absolute fruit-fwd tannic muss (which is what I recall of the last P-S I tasted).  In the mouth, pointed and sincere.  Massive and instantly tannic with unwavering focus.  The bottomless fruit is only tempered by sharpness and the early bitterness which consumes the fruit goes completely away after an hour of air–putting a little fattness on the table in exchange for the raw edges.  I will be very curious what the AL is.  I am guessing 13-8 easy but the heat in the mid-section argues that number.  This is a nice Syrah with another 5 years on it.  Not something to get all crazy about, but solid if you can get past the gigantic tannin, related heat, thinning fruit, and the flabbiness of something this extracted.  2009 Piedrasassi Syrah Santa Ynez Valley  14-5  ♦

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