Cowboy Ugly…

Bright purple with pink edges,  Day-glo contentration.  Nose of caramel and brown sugar and plums and prunes and chemicals.  OMG this is bullshit wine.  Tastes like an over-ripe caramel apple with milk chocolate frosting.  Gummy worms and Mountain Berry-scented Cascade.  I’ve wasted too much time on this wine already.  Absolute headache-inducing sweet formulaic drain-food.

2013 Angels & Cowboys Sonoma County Red Blend  (SY, Zin, GR?)

Med ruby, wide ambering edges.  Big skunky wet bark and mud with a bright fruit note becomes progressively stemmier with air.  In the mouth, wonderful dull, dark cherry Pinot fruit nuances laced with tar and enough barnyard to *just* be interesting.  Stemminess crescendos to rather acrid in the rather hot finish.  You can do way worse for a 25$ RRV.

2013 Ellipsis Russian River Valley Pinot Noir Sonoma County

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