A Tear for Paso

Med garnet bricking hard.  Heavy residue at capsule, heavy corrosion, and soaked cork.  Initial corky funk and VA airs out to bright spicy goodness with mere subtexts of burnt rubber.  Cinnamon and cardamon over a fat layer of oak?!?!  Unbelievable.

I actually visited this winery ONCE many long years ago and I have clients in Paso with large quantities stashed around in typically very poor storage.  Who bought them?  Arciero?  Weyrich?  Can’t remember.  It is interesting to note where once was just the name of a simple winery is now THE premier district of Paso Robles for quality red wines.  However, you show me ONE BOTTLE of wine from this region produced in the past decade which could last 27 years in questionable storage.  None of them.  Not a single one.

No off-flavours at ALL in the mouth.  Shockingly hi acid and a good whiff of fruit alongside.  Granny-Smith fruit and candied carrots continues to evolve deeper, spicier and richer.  Black cherry with the VA heading more into a cola spritz.  Healthy, voluptuous tannins.  While far past its prime, this wine is entirely enjoyable.  It would be interesting to find an example with perfect provenance.

1988 YORK MOUNTAIN Zinfandel Paso Robles 12.5


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