Three DIAMs Under $10

Bright reddish pink.  Light vegetal Nyquil beaujolaisish nose of vapid cellar-floor fruit with a touch of oak.  Clean and bright in the mouth, thin and unassuming, a lovely quaffer.  Maybe even slightly chilled?  Guessing 100% Sang and hard to be too hard on this one.  It is fun and light and fun.  Wait, I said that.  Mild pill-box tannins wrap things up.  I could name 500 far worse 3$ bottles to drink on a Thursday.

NV Coli Rosso Di Toscana IGT 12-0

Dense ruby running nearly towards the *impenetrable* spectrum.  Microscopic yellow edges and miserably staining.  MASSIVE bacon nose.  No, Liquid Smoke.  No, Bak-O-Bits!  That’s it!  Bak-O-Bits!!!  The TVP ones at the salad bar at Round Table.  Seriously the roasted meat infused with smoke is hard to get away from on this one.  Black cherry nuances come drifting up through the campfire, christened with leather tanned in uric acid and a marvelous chalky powder minerality.  Clawingly dense in the mouth.  What IS this stuff?!?!?  I could put a Sonoma County label on this and sell it for 50 bucks.  Shockingly concentrated, thick and dense.  Tannins tear at your mouth while bright briar-tinged acids scream at the curtains.  Is there fruit?  Yes!  There is.  Ripe and round and buried in there behind all that tongue-lashing.  A pepper burn brightens the late-breathed mellow oak and turns to finish-dryness.  Go find this one.

2011 Lamadrid Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva Agrelo Argentina 14-0

Med ruby with an amber edge.  Cellar funk but otherwise reasonably clean.  This is shockingly the most Euro of the three.  Big cellar-floor and bretty funk rules the nose, while a sharp briary background tells you otherwise.  not exactly elegant, though.  Stumbling and awkward.  Intense ripe peach and peanut-butter.  Like a cheap villages AOC CdR in a carafe at a bistro.  NOT that there’s anything wrong with that.  Sweet and ripe in the mouth and extremely FF.  Fattens up to woody stillness and a dearth of complexity.  

NV Canopy Merlot Zinfandel North Coast 85/15  13-9

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